We are a small start up with big aspirations.

Our belief in creating change and knowing we can always do more is at the heart of the brand and is what drives us forward. We create stories of success, inspiration and achieving the impossible using our high quality apparel to spread our message, give a voice to those suffering in silence, and a community for those feeling out of place who need a sense of belonging. Together we will be highlighting the stories behind the brand of how we lifted the label of mental health.
LFT THE LBL is an online streetwear brand that is one of the first brands to focus on empowering men to do more about their mental health. We do this by spreading messages through our apparel and donating part of our proceedings to projects that we believe will make a difference in the local communities to aid mental and physical health.
All our apparel is printed here in the UK by Vektor using their eco-friendly water based inks, while we try to ensure our products are fair wear, also eco-friendly and not produced in sweatshops.